Respect the Daysleeper – New 2nd Edition released!

Respect the Daysleeper, the first anthology from our friends at Sto*Nerd Press, has just been re-released with a completely redesigned layout and new illustrations.

“Coked Out Demon Worshipers,” the feature story from our comic book Weird Luck #0, was first published in the initial release of Respect the Daysleeper three years ago. The anthology also contains another creepy story by Andrew M. Reichart, “Psychic Vampire.”

Coming soon: the re-release of Anthology 2: Fight Against the Heartbeat, and the Call for Submissions for future anthologies!

Sto*Nerd Press descibes Respect the Daysleeper thusly:

A unique collection of stories set in a variety of strange, surreal, uncomfortable, or horrific situations. A man receives a letter in the mail from one of his Sims characters. An old rockstar waits for the Devil’s administrator to retrieve his promised soul. A homeless street wizard confesses to psychic murder. A seeing eye dog observes the many strange forms of affection within his master’s life. Plus many more alternate and future Americas and unpopular realities. Featuring stories from Micaela Petersen, Andrew M. Reichart, J. Duncan Cook, and Sean Schlemmer in three themed sections: Weird Love, Unfamiliar Territories, and Be Careful What You Wish For. This is the first anthology from Sto*Nerd Press.

Respect the Daysleeper is available now at CreateSpace for $6.

Respect the Daysleeper

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