Insurgent Otherworld serialized at Weird Luck

From early 2017 through April 2018, Nick Walker and Andrew M. Reichart serialized an epistolary mosaic novel called Insurgent Otherworld on Patreon. This book precedes the Weird Luck webcomic and directly follows Andrew’s story “Monsters” (featured in Spoon Knife Anthology 2: Test Chamber, and reprinted in Weird Luck Tales No. 5).

Now they’re releasing it for free, serializing it at the Weird Luck website. Late in 2019, Argawarga Press will print the paperback. But you can read it now, one chapter per week, for the next 63 weeks. Since it’s an epistolary novel, most chapters are short — a journal entry, a transcript of telepathic surveillance, a pamphlet from a fringe political group, or the like. So, you can think of it as over a year of free flash fiction.

The first chapter is the revolutionary screed of an anti-gentrification terrorist: “Declaration of Baraka Monster upon the destruction of ThingTown Station.” Enjoy!

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