Maps of Melkhaios





1 Palace-Temple of Goromath
2 Church of Tomorrow
3 House of Women
4 Hands of Mercy Hospital
5 Circus of Burnt Skulls
6 Senate / New Market
7 Shrine of the Nubiles
8 Kaios University
9 Temple of Fat Man
10 Old Market



O Kaios Avenue
I Apraxos Way
II Oshta River
III Way of Mothers
IV King’s Road
V Initiation Way
VI Unity Way
VII Conqueror’s Road
VIII Avenue of Justice
IX Private Way
X Random Avenue
XI Way of Might
XII Headless Way
XIII Spiral Ride
XIV Division Street
XV Goat Road
XVI Bababadalgharagh St.
XVII Astral Way
XVIII Tunnel of the Moon
XIX Ave. of the Eclipse
XX Insurrection Way
XXI Elemental Way


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