Argawarga Press at FOGcon

We’re thrilled to be tabling at the Friends of the Genre science fiction & fantasy literature convention (FOGcon), March 11-13 at the Marriott in Walnut Creek, Calif.

not actually FOGcon; it hasn't happened yet
not actually FOGcon; it hasn’t happened yet

We’ll be selling & signing our books, comics, and zines, including the newly-released novel Cannibal-King, the moderately earth-shattering finale to the City in the Watcher trilogy. We’re also thrilled to say that we had to do a second print run of Weird Luck #0, our oddball 70s-style horror comic (which stands alone, but also serves as a strangely tangential prequel to the upcoming science fiction webcomic by Mike Bennewitz, Nick Walker, and Andrew M. Reichart, coming later this year). We’ll also be debuting issue #4 of the Weird Luck Tales zine, featuring a previously unpublished backup story by Andrew M. Reichart with the earliest written appearance of Akaz the god-dog.

We’ll be sharing a table with our dear comrades at Wonderella Printed. Should go without saying we’d be psyched to see you, but just in case: we’d be psyched to see you! \m/


see you at the SF Zine Fest!

Just got word that we were approved for the 2015 San Francisco Zine Fest. It’s a curated event this year, and we’re pretty psyched they accepted us.

We’ll be tabling together with our friends from Wonderella Printed, The Blunt Letters, and Sto*Nerd Press, so it’ll be a blast. Their tables will be loaded with cool stuff (way more than our three novels and miscellaneous pamphlets, to be honest), so be sure to come check them out too.

Sunday, Sept 6th 2015, 11AM – 5PM
San Francisco County Fair Building
1199 9th Ave and Lincoln Way


soul portrait
traditional Deep One “soul portrait” tattoo design depicting the Great Nymph