review of The Secret of Ventriloquism by Jon Padgett

I had the perhaps unusual experience of having heard several interviews with the author before listening to this book. This gave quite a bit of context that richly enhanced my enjoyment, without (as it turned out) any spoilers (except for, y’know, that one time where the guy finds that thing in that place). I don’t necessarily recommend this approach, it just happened to work out nicely.

So, having already listened to his voice for hours, already accustomed to him telling his own tales, I was psyched to learn that he performed this audiobook. He’s frickin’ great. Oddly enough, this background didn’t prepare me for the exquisiteness of his writing. I found him so engaging in those interviews, I didn’t really think about the text itself.

Hypnotic, evocative prose plays out an alienated vantage, transporting us sideways into an uncanny world almost exactly like ours. But askew. Unsettling and beautiful. From things as mundane as air pollution, self-help, and ventriloquism technique, these tales unfold with elegant gradualness into revelations of something cosmically horrific.

If the world unfolds as I hope, someday I’ll see a production of the creepy one-act play in this collection. (If you’re a theater person looking for sinister material, the piece in question might just make yer head spin….)

I love this book.


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great interview, part 1 of 2

great interview, part 2 of 2

another interview

audio excerpt



Weird Luck Patreon


The WEIRD LUCK webcomic, co-written by Andrew M. Reichart and Nick Walker and drawn by Mike Bennewitz, will launch sometime this Spring. But the webcomic is just one part of the Weird Luck saga, a web of closely interconnected stories that Andrew and Nick have been working on for some time, and aim to continue working on for a long time to come.

We’re pleased to announce the launch of the Weird Luck Patreon, which will help to fund the webcomic and which is the platform through which Andrew and Nick will be serializing their epistolary novel-in-progress, INSURGENT OTHERWORLD, which starts out as a prequel to the webcomic (and sequel to Andrew’s Argawarga Press CITY OF THE WATCHER trilogy, sort of) and will remain closely connected with the storyline of the webcomic.

Become a Weird Luck Patreon subscriber and support the ongoing creation of the Weird Luck saga (and get to read the latest pieces of the saga as they’re created). There’s one free public post up on the Weird Luck Patreon already, in which Nick explains the basics of what the Weird Luck saga is about. Next week they start posting the first weekly installments of Insurgent Otherworld, which will be accessible to anyone subscribing at $3 per month.

And in March, Andrew’s short story “Monsters” and Nick’s novelette “Bianca and the Wu-Hernandez” will appear in the Autonomous Press anthology Spoon Knife 2: Test Chamber. Both stories are part of the Weird Luck saga – “Monsters” is an immediate prequel to Insurgent Otherworld and takes place in the same city as the webcomic, and “Bianca and the Wu-Hernandez” takes place 28 years before the webcomic and provides backstory on two of the webcomic’s central characters.