Weird Luck Tales

Weird Luck Tales #2 and #3 in progress
Weird Luck Tales #2 and #3 in progress

Short stories by Andrew M. Reichart and others are published quarterly in the zine Weird Luck Tales. Sometimes they get posted on this blog as well. In 2017, a dozen will be collected in the first Tales of Weird Luck anthology.

No. 4: “Coked Out Demon Worshipers” by Andrew M. Reichart
Originally published in the Sto*Nerd Press anthology Respect the Daysleeper. Adapted by Mike Bennewitz for the comic book Weird Luck #0. Issue No. 4 also features a previously unpublished backup story by Andrew M. Reichart, “King of All Wild Things,” which includes the earliest written appearance (from 1990!) of Akaz the god-dog.

No. 3: “I, the Hound” by Andrew M. Reichart
Originally written for the Sto*Nerd Press anthology Stolen Trophies.

No. 2: “Testimony of the Teen Ogre” by Andrew M. Reichart
Also published in The Spoon Knife Anthology from NeuroQueer Books, an imprint of Autonomous Press.

No. 1: “The Fiends of Zan-Zerkin’s Ridge” by Andrew M. Reichart
Originally published on this blog!



Ques.: “What exactly,” you ask, “do you mean by ‘Andrew M. Reichart and others? These are all by him.'”
Ans.: “This is just what’s published so far. There’s lots more in the works.”

Ques.: “Why the heck,” one might wonder, “do you have so many different things called ‘Weird Luck’? A novel, a comic book, a zine, and an anthology, wtf?”
Ans.: “We just love the phrase — it evokes exactly the sort of tales we want to tell. And we dig having free rein to geek out on it in as many permutations as we like.” Plus as Mike points out, “Technically the novel is called Weird Luck in the City of the Watcher.”